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Take a culinary tour of San Francisco’s Chinatown North America’s largest and oldest Chinatown.  We will be offering two very “classical” offerings.

Our crispy duck is prepared in the style of the Peking duck renowned for its shiny and very crispy skin. It is thinly sliced and is served with the traditional garnish of cucumber, scallion and hoisin sauce.  We then serve this combination in a non-traditional manner, with a steamed bun rather than the traditional moo shu pancakes.

We are also offering Shanghai styled dumplings.  These dumplings have been hand made by our chef who wraps savory pork filling flavored with rice wine, ginger and scallion, with a tender hand rolled dumpling dough.  The dumplings are finished in a cast iron pan and served with a soy sauce and chili oil sauce.

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